JeSpeak is a Java library that bridges eSpeak, which is a compact open source software speech synthesizer. JeSpeak uses JNI to make native call to libespeak.



Simple sample usage

Create and compile this class:

import com.jespeak.*;
public class JeSpeakTest {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // get a JeSpeak instance
        JeSpeak jeSpeak = JeSpeak.getInstance();

        // submit the 'Test 1' string to be spoken
        jeSpeak.synthesize("Test 1\n");

        // the isPlaying method returns true
        assert jeSpeak.isPlaying() == true;

        // submit the 'Test 2' string to be spoken
        jeSpeak.synthesize("Test 2\n");

        // this method returns only when everything is spoken

        // the isPlaying method returns false now
        assert jeSpeak.isPlaying() == false;

        // submit the 'Test 3' string to be spoken
        jeSpeak.synthesize("Test 3\n");

        // stop and remove everything submited, so in this case 'Test 3' will immediately stop

        // after a cancel, nothing is playing
        assert jeSpeak.isPlaying() == false;

Put the .jar and the .so into the same dir and execute:

    $ $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -Djava.library.path=. -cp . JeSpeakTest 

Forum, tracker and contact

If you have questions, bugs, feature request, etc. use thoses links (please in this order):


JeSpeak is released under the GNU General Public License.